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5G Corona – Spending Too Much Time in Front of Computer and Phone?

Here, I will tell you about radiation or 5G Corona and its effects on our health. Due to 5G Corona or Coronavirus, we all are spending too much time in front of the computer. That’s why we take the position of sitting for a long time. Due to this, we face problems like back pain, body pain, neck strain, stiffness of shoulder muscles, and many more. When we give more time to sit, that means less blood flow throughout the body.

Do you know about radiation? When you use a computer, its display screen emits electromagnetic energy which in normal parlance is called Radiation. Well, this kind of radiation is dangerous when you spend too much time in front of the display.

Cause of 5G Corona – Working From Home By Using Wireless Devices?

Do you know? Wireless devices – Bluetooth headsets, smartphones, cordless phones, etc. work on the basis of RF signals. These RF (Radio Frequency) signals are high-frequency electromagnetic signals. And power density levels of 1-10 mW/cm2 or can be higher cause measurable heating of body tissues. These harmful effects damage our body organs or less blood flow in the body.

Due to COVID-19 or coronavirus, employees or other persons forced to work from home (WFH). What do you mean by work from home? It’s mean that you have to do your office or school work at home. For that, you will go to use electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, notepads, Bluetooth, cordless phones using WiFi.

As you know, in a family, almost all family members use their own devices. Cause of this, there is an accumulation of this harmful effect on everyone in the house. So don’t you think that is wrong?

With this, you may suffer from mood swings, insomnia, and “computer vision syndrome – CVS.” There are a few symptoms of CVS: blurred vision, strained, dry eyes, headaches, etc. You can see the wrong impact on children – communication skills, emotional development, deficiencies in learning, vision, and weight.

There is a solution to overcome this problem. What? Just reduce your time spent in front of a computer or laptop. But practically that is not possible as the world has gone digital.

Hence there is a more practical way to use. Buy radiation protection products such as VIVOBASE. That will help to protect you from the harmful effects of Radiation. Motto should be “BE PROTECTED. STAY CONNECTED”


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