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The Vivobase Mode of Operation | Electromagnetic Radiation

As you know, our body consists of water and controlled by bioelectrical impulses. There is something that can disturb the natural process that is electromagnetic radiation cause of these rays penetrate into the body. Optimal cell care is impeded.

Electromagnetic radiation cloud can upset these normal procedures because of the infiltration of beams into the body. Ideal cell care is impeded. The VIVOBASE items give security against electromagnetic smog by producing a particular field, which mirrors a characteristic field and can in this manner is utilized securely.

As opposed to electromagnetic fields, which produce frequencies and vibrations and move to some degree (equivalent to the capacity rule of a microwave), there is no development right now. The normal metabolic procedures of your cells are not influenced.

The produced field arranges water molecules of living beings in the highest skin layer. Water particles are dipoles; they have a lasting electrical dipole minute because of their uneven structure, i.e., there is a negatively charged side and positively charged side.

Because of the extraordinary field that VIVOBASE items make, water particles in the body are kept from following high and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Subsequently, the cells in the body can again retain adequate water and the harmful effects of electromagnetic smog  are reduced. Therefore, living beings can keep up their wellbeing regardless of being dependent upon a situation of radiation.


Protection Using Polarisation

The physical behaviour of water molecules using VIVOBASE


With VIVOBASE protection:

The body is protected against electro smog and earth radiation. VIVOBASE produces an electrostatic field, which can adjust water molecules inside the body that makes a protective wall against the harmful radiation.


Without VIVOBASE protection:

electromagnetic rays can penetrate the body unopposed.


Comparative representation of H2O cell supply within a cell membrane

The electromagnetic environment impacts the space of the H2O molecules. By cell membrane, Electro smog disturbs the transport of H2O molecules.


Without electromagnetic radiation, the door opens for the effectively polarized molecule.


With electromagnetic radiation, the atom has an inappropriate polarity, and subsequently, the entryway stays shut. The molecule is rejected due to an incorrect spatial position.

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