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Study in collaboration with the BION-Institute | VIVOBASE MOBILE

Studies carried out in cooperation with the BION Institute have shown that the parameters of body temperature, skin resistance, muscle activity, and respiratory rate are optimized significantly when the VIVOBASE Mobile and VIVOBASE FAMILY are used. This has positive implications for the metabolism, inner equilibrium and oxygen capacity. The devices have less significant impacts on the body parameters of pulse and depth of breathing.

The studies are structured as followed in accordance with recognized scientific standards: Prospective test set-up (criteria to determine the mode of action were determined in the run-up to the study), placebo exempt (during the course of the study, none of the test subjects knew whether the VIVOBASE devices were switched on or off). Also, double-blind (during the course of the study neither test subjects nor assistants knew whether the VIVOBASE devices were switched on or off). And the principle of random selection (relevant criteria, such as age, gender, test time, etc were distributed more or less equally in both test groups – VIVOBASE devices switched on or off.


Study: Test Report for protective influence on human organism against cell phone radiation for the product VIVOBASE MOBILE

Date: 18. October to 21. October 2016

Test subjects: from 25 to 75 years of age (women and men)

Objective: To determine the effect of VIVOBASE MOBILE on electromagnetic radiation (mobile phone) by means of changes to physiological body parameters, such as skin resistance, pulse, muscle activity, respiratory rate, body temperature.

Test set-up: Two test combinations were carried out in total (mobile phone on VBM on; mobile phone on VBM off). These two combinations were carried out on two different days. The test subjects were kept in a separate room in which the measuring equipment for determining the physiological parameters and a computer were located.

In order to eliminate external influences, the test subjects were alone in the room during the test. The physiological parameters of the test subjects were measured continuously for approx. 30 minutes. The test subjects had the VIVOBASE MOBILE in their trouser pockets. However, the test subjects were not aware at any time whether the VIVOBASE MOBILE was switched on or off.

The Two Tests were Divided into Three Sections:

1. Preparation: Test structure and measurement of body parameters before the test (2 minutes in total)

2. Using the telephone: The test subjects made a phone call for a total of 5 minutes using a DECT telephone held to their ear.

3. Sitting: The DECT telephone was placed at a distance of 5-10 centimetres from the head of the test subject. The test subjects did not make a phone call during this time (18 minutes). The telephone was in standby mode.


The most significant finding was the protective effect of the VIVOBASE HOME with regard to the positive changes to the physiological parameter muscle activity. If the VIVOBASE HOME was switched on, the BION Institute was able to determine that the test subjects had more energy and strength and that, with respect to body temperature, their metabolism improved. It took several minutes for the parameter pulse to change. On average all parameters improved by 31.3% as soon as the VIVOBASE HOME was switched on.


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