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Vivobase Family Protects Human, Animals and Plant Life

Whether at home or on the move – the VIVOBASE FAMILY products afford you effective protection against electromagnetic radiation. The VIVOBASE FAMILY protects you from WIFI, DECT, Bluetooth, GPS, switch-mode power supply units, monitors and other artificially produced fields, as well as from natural fields, such as water veins, faults, and natural and cosmic radiation.

VIVOBASE GmbH is a Rilling Group company. German engineering expertise combined with decades of medical experience – that was the genesis of our devices for protecting against electromagnetic radiation. VIVOBASE unites the research, development, and production of effective devi

ces for protecting against electromagnetic radiation. We would like to point out that our VIVOBASE products are not classical ‘esoteric’ solutions instead they are ‘electrotechnical’ solutions with high efficacy. As a family company, customer value and customer satisfaction are our priorities.

Quality – made in Germany – is our benchmark for producing our VIVOBASE FAMILY. We work with our customers to find solutions to achieve the results we wish for, such as quality of life and wellbeing. Each of us may have or achieve good health.


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