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Electrosmog – The State of Scientific Investigations

We are convinced that electrosmog is damaging to the human organism, as well as to animal and vegetable organisms. That is why we developed our VIVOBASE Products or FAMILY devices. The state of scientific investigations into electrosmog is in flux – as is the scientific evaluation.

The Internet information platform EMF portal of the RWTH Aachen systematically compiles scientific research findings on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and makes them available in English and in German. We recommend that you keep yourself informed about electrosmog and the damage it causes, as well as about any preventive measures.

Studies that substantiate the harmfulness of electrosmog Studies that question the harmfulness of electrosmog


Below you will find scientific evidence from VIVOBASE in collaboration with the accredited BION Institute which substantiates the functionality and operation of VIVOBASE devices. The BION Institute is certified as an official research centre in accordance with SICRIS (Slovenian Current Research Information System) under registration number 53760410000

Study in collaboration with the BION Institute | VIVOBASE HOME Study in collaboration with the BION Institute | VIVOBASE MOBILE


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