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VIVOBASE MOBILE, anything that we do like shopping malls goes outside with friends to enjoy or simply to have dinner at a restaurant with family. Indirectly we get in contact with electromagnetic radiations because of the electronic devices that are used at these places. Some of those electronic devices are smartphones, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. which affects our bodies the entire day with their harmful radiations. Smartphone masts are being made more and more to improve accessibility.

The level of electromagnetic smog is increasing rapidly. Humans, animals, and even plants all have an adverse effect on electromagnetic radiation on their bodies. Many people are electrosensitive and those face the worse effect of electromagnetic radiation due to these radiations they get uncomfortable.

VIVOBASE products protect you from electromagnetic smog by generating a natural protecting shield around you. Scientific studies show the influence of the VIVOBASE MOBILE.

Highlights: It’s very easy and comfortable to carry VIVOBASE MOBILE. It can be kept in your handbag or pocket. It can be charged with a mini USB interface and it is made of a lithium-ion battery. VIVOBASE products is available in various colors.


Available in Blue and Pink color clad covers (Buyer to select one color).

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