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VIVOBASE HOME helps you to protect from the harmful radiation reduced by your smartphones. Place it at a location that would be the center of your house, it starts working for you.

Electromagnetic radiations are increasing day by day even at our homes due to the increasing uses of electro gadgets like computers, mobile phones, microwaves, etc. Our young generation is also trapped in these electromagnetic radiations completely. Due to their online classes and syllabus, they have to spend time on screen; this is causing a bad effect on their eyes as well as the brain.

These radiations cause stress and depression in humans which has a completely adverse effect on our body. These days all the children and youth of a country spend their time online with their favorite latest devices. And they enjoy those devices without knowing the side effects of the radiation produced by these gadgets. Nowadays baby monitors are also in trend, even newborn babies are also not untouchable of electromagnetic radiations.

THE latest SMART HOME devices are a big reason for increasing the level of this electromagnetic smog. Today we all are provided with advanced technology such as networked and those devices which can be controlled by remote to improve our lifestyle. These devices make our life more secure and easy. Every day, new technologies are coming in the market to improve the quality and less consuming of time for this we need to speed up the network. The more the generation of networks more will be the electromagnetic smog.

VIVOBASE HOME creates a protecting shield around you to protect your body without interrupting you in the advantage of modern technology. VIVOBASE provides you additional benefit because it protects you from the harmful radiations of your neighbor WiFi and electromagnetic radiations generated in the surrounding of your home.

You may get VIVOBASE HOME with a plug for US sockets, is a theft-proof which is surface mounted too to be placed in a cabinet that would be controlled.


  • Available in neutral white which blends easily with any home decoration


While the Test results have proven that VIVOBASE HOME does help reduce the impact of EMF Radiation.

Warranty Policy

The VIVOBASE Products are warranted against manufacturing defects. And workmanship under normal use in accordance with the operating instructions.

The Limited Warranty for the product is for ONE year from the date of purchase of the product as documented by a valid proof of purchase. To avail of Warranty support, the proof of purchase must be produced. Warranty is applicable only to products purchased in Singapore. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to return the Product to the seller for Warranty support.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by lightning, water, or other liquid intrusions, fire, flood, accident, negligence, misuse, or improper handling or operation. Any damage caused to the product due to repairs, alteration, or modification by unauthorized persons, voids the warranty.

The obligation of the manufacturer/ reseller is limited to the repair and replacement of defective parts as decided by the manufacturer. NO other warranties are applicable, express, or implied. Any claim arising out of and total liability for any damages is limited to the purchase price of the product regardless of the type of loss or damages or form or characteristics of the claim.

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