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VIVOBASE Car is a handy device, designed & manufactured in Germany, that can be carried easily Keep in your Car or Dashboard to achieve protection from Electromagnetic Radiation. The protection radius is approximately 4m. The Lithium battery can be charged using the USB interface.

VIVOBASE CAR is a product that has a range of 14’ in all directions; it can be best used at studio apartments, dorm rooms, personal offices, boats, etc. It has to be plugged into the USB port to be worked. To sit in a car without VIVOBASE CAR is like a soldier to be kept at the border without any precaution.

In the same way, when a passenger sits in a car without VIVOBASE CAR, he gets in direct contact with electromagnetic radiations in the presence of the smartphone, Bluetooth, GPS, seat heating and many more. These electromagnetic radiations are generally emitted by all the electronic devices. And they have adverse effects on our health problems. Some of those problems are stress, digestion problems, metabolic issues, headache, skin problems, and immune system weakness.

Faraday shield causes the multiplication of these radiations. Maximum Electromagnetic radiations via electric engines are absorbed by the one drives the car. Even the small amount of radiation has a bad effect on the living being; it causes high risk on long drives. VIVOBASE CAR creates a shield around you to protect you from the electromagnetic smog during each journey, and it makes sure that you reach your destination safely and comfortably.

The influence of the VIVOBASE CAR is proved by scientific studies. Its protective effect is also proven by the Bion institute.


  • This contains a dashboard mount. It can be installed with the bracket on the dashboard if it’s preferred.
  • Vivobase Car can be used by connecting the USB port and can be operated via the cigarette lighter for protection in car, office, indoor rooms, etc.
  • It is capable of covering an area of about 10 foot-radiuses.
  • It will do its work only without interrupting the functions of other devices So that you can enjoy with your latest electronic devices without any disturbance.
  • Good for use in the car, bus, school van, truck, motorhome and boat
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